STCW Basic Safety Training for Seafarers 50 h with Webinar

STCW Basic Safety Training for Seafarers 50 h with Webinar

Mandatory course for seamen with designated duties in an onboard emergency.

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NOK 18 240,-
STCW Basic Safety Training for Seafarers 50 h with Webinar (MBS1072)

Target GroupSeafarers who are to work on board cargo ships with a length of less than 24 meters, less than 500 gross tonnage in a traffic area of small coastal speed or less. The syllabus is based on rule:

  • VI of the STCW Convention.
  • Table A-VI / 1-2 Preventive fire protection and firefighting.
  • Table A-VI / 1-4 Personal safety and care for human life and the environment.

  • Table A-VI / 1-1 Personal rescue techniques.
  • Table A-VI / 1-3 Basic first aid.

But the content is adapted to smaller cargo ships, such as the aquaculture industry. The course does not provide the same competence as Basic Safety Training 50 hours.
NB! The course does not give approval to muster on larger convention ships.

ObjectiveThe main goal of the course is to acquire the participants knowledge about various emergencies that may occur on ships, and enable them to take care of their own and their colleagues’ safety.
Great emphasis is placed on preventive work through a focus on good work routines and attitudes in relation to the rules and procedures that apply, so that the right measures can be implemented to avoid damage to people, equipment and the environment.
It is also an important goal to acquire the participant practical knowledge in;

  • Fire and fire fighting.

  • First aid.

  • Use of rescue and evacuation equipment.

Through the course, the aim is to create positive attitudes to safety work, as well as an understanding of the social and physical work environment’s significance for life, health and values in work and leisure.

Course ContentsCourse days 1 and 2 are conducted as a webinar – course participants work from their own office / home. Course days 3-5 are completed at the fitness center. Participants must provide the email address they wish to use for the webinar days
Course content:

  • Personal safety.
  • Life-saving first aid.

  • Sea rescue.
  • Evacuation, communication.

  • Preventive fire protection and firefighting.


ExaminationWritten test with given answer options. Practical exercises according to introduced skill requirements.

Language course
5 days, 2 d web + 3 d senter
5 years
Approved by
Norwegian Maritime Authority