GOC Certificate Basic (GMDSS)

GOC Certificate Basic (GMDSS)

All users of GMDSS radio equipment in all ocean areas A1-A4.

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RelyOn Nutec
NOK 38 320,-
October 2024
GOC Certificate Basic (GMDSS) (MRC101)

Target GroupAll users of GMDSS radio equipment in all ocean areas A1-A4.

ObjectiveCertification of users of GMDSS radio equipment. The course qualifies for a general operator certificate (GOC) pursuant to the regulations of the Norwegian Telecommunications Authority.

Course ContentsThe course covers the following topics:

  • Radiotelex ( hf MSI and Ship-to-Ship).
  • Digital Selcall VHF&MF/HF.
  • On-scene Communication (VHF).
  • Handling regulations.
  • Antenna.

  • Immersat B (simulator).
  • Navtex
  • Search and Rescue (SAR).
  • Radio station operation.

  • Immersat C w./EGC.
  • Epirb’s (SART, COSPAS/SARSAT).
  • Power supply (batteries).
  • Charging

PrerequisitesDelegates must have a good command of English. Should also have basis computer skills.

If a delegate has no previous radio experience, it might be difficult to pass the course. It is recommended that delegates have previously passed the ROC Basic Course.

ExaminationWritten, practical and oral exams. In order to keep the certificate, the holder must be able to document that he/ she has been onboard a GMDSS installation/ ship in the A2-3 or A4 area for 365 days during the last five years.

Language course
10 days
Approved by
Norwegian Maritime Authority