Kombi Søk og Redningslag og HLO repetisjonskurs med e-læring

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Kombi Søk og Redningslag og HLO repetisjonskurs med e-læring (ABSBLE010)

Target GroupPersons with tasks in, or related to, search and rescue teams and HLO. The course satisfies the demands set by Offshore Norway for repetition and maintenance of basic skills.

ObjectiveUpdate and maintain skills, knowledge and attitudes towards the emergency response function related to search and rescue teams, and HLO. Transfer of skills between heli-guard and HLO.

Course Contents1 day will be completed through e-learning, the other two days at the course location you are booked on. The course mainly consists of practical exercises where briefing and de-briefing are central elements. The course covers the following topics:

  • Tactical teamwork.
  • Extinguishing techniques.
  • Dangerous cargo.
  • Contingency situations and normal operations on the helideck.

  • Smoke diving.
  • Weather reporting, communication and routines.
  • Aviation fuel.
  • Protective equipment.

Parts of the course can be completed in English.

PrerequisitesSearch and Rescue Basic Course and HLO Basic Course. Personnel working as smoke divers in a search and rescue team need to produce valid documentation on passed medical examination and physical tests (test of strength/ fitness test). Ref. Offshore Norway guidelines.

ExaminationWritten exam on Awareness Training, Dangerous Cargo. Upon completion, delegates will receive one certificate for each course.

Language course
2 days + 4,5 hours e-learning
24 months
Approved by
Norwegian Oil and Gass Association