Coxswain Skid Lifeboat – Basic with E-learning

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RelyOn Nutec
NOK 30 519,-
Coxswain Skid Lifeboat - Basic with E-learning (OSEBLE006)

Target GroupOil and gas.

ObjectiveThe course aims to build knowledge and competence in:

  • The emergency organisation, command relationships and crisis reactions.
  • Mustering, preparation and evacuation.

  • Basic lifeboat introduction.
  • Alternative means of evacuation.

Course ContentsDuring the course, the following topics will be reviewed:

  • Describe the organization of emergency preparedness at facilities offshore, as well as the purpose of such organisation.
  • Organize and lead muster and boarding.
  • Launch the lifeboat from the facility and guide the lifeboat into the safe zone.
  • Handle emergency systems and equipment adapted to different conditions on board a lifeboat.
  • Dive with propeller and gear engaged (DPG).

  • Prepare lifeboat for evacuation.
  • Communicate via radio, internally in the lifeboat and with the emergency management.
  • Maneuver/lead the lifeboat and arrange for stays on board the sea.
  • Describe exposure and safe evacuation using alternative means of evacuation: raft and rescue sock.

PrerequisitesUpon registration, the participant will receive a link to e-learning. This must be completed before attending the course. The course is only held in Norwegian.

ExaminationWritten exam.

Language course
E-learning + 3 days at the centre
Approved by
Norwegian Oil and Gass Association