ROC Certificate Basic (GMDSS)

ROC Certificate Basic (GMDSS)

All users of GMDSS radio equipment in the A-1 shipping area.

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ROC Certificate Basic (GMDSS) (ORC102)

Target GroupAll users of GMDSS radio equipment in the A-1 shipping area.

ObjectiveThe course aims to certify users of GMDSS radio equipment. The course qualifies for a Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC) in accordance with the International Radio Regulations.

Course ContentsDuring the course, delegates will cover the following topics:

  • Formal rules and regulations.
  • Service documents.
  • Distress, urgency and safety communications.
  • DSC distress communication.
  • EPIRB/ radio beacons.
  • Radar transponders.
  • SAR.

  • Operation of radio station.
  • Handling regulations.
  • Digital selective calling (DSC) for VHF.
  • The international maritime distress and safety system.
  • Navtex receivers.
  • Lead and acid batteries.
  • Charging.

PrerequisitesThe participants must have a good command of English.

If a delegate attends the course without prior radio experience, it will be difficult to pass. It is recommended that delegates have passed the VHF/SRC in advance.

ExaminationWritten, practical and oral exams.

Language course
5 days
Approved by
Norwegian Maritime Authority