Accident investigation course – Webinar

Accident investigation course - Webinar

The course is organized as an open course or onsite, for up to 16 participants.

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RelyOn Nutec
NOK 10 321,-
September 2024
Accident investigation course - Webinar (LSP103)

Target GroupThe course is organized as an open course or onsite, for up to 16 participants:

  • Leaders with responsibility and authority to order an investigation.
  • Investigator who needs to lead an internal accident investigation.
  • Senior safety / Safety Representative.

  • Managers who are included in an investigation group / process.
  • Key personnel participating in an investigation group / process.
  • HSE personnel.

ObjectiveParticipants must be able to initiate and conduct an accident investigation, including delivering an investigation report rooted in the MTO method. The course supports, general regulatory requirements and Section 20 of the Management Regulations and Guidance and SfS recommendation 029N «Best Practice for Examination and Investigation of HSE Events»

The main purpose of investigations and investigations following unwanted HSE events is to identify points of experience that can contribute to learning, as well as to prevent recurrence.

Once the accident has occurred, internal investigation can help the company uncover the triggering and underlying causes and thereby be able to implement corrective measures and measures that prevent recurrence. Investigation processes will ensure long-term learning across the organization and can help raise the companys reputation.

Course ContentsThe accident investigation course covers the following topics:

  • Requirements for investigation according to the MTO Method.
  • Procedure for investigation.
  • Report.

  • Communication and interviewing techniques.
  • Cause Analysis.



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2 days
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Norwegian Oil and Gass Association