Hot works – Practical Exercises

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August 2024
NOK 2 287,-
August 2024
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August 2024
September 2024
Hot works - Practical Exercises (LFI100)

Target GroupPersonnel performing tasks, such as welding, torch cutting, grinding and roofing, using an open flame.

ObjectiveIn order to safely perform a job using an open flame, you need to have certain knowledge to prevent accidents. The most important thing to learn is which measures need to be in place to prevent fires.

The delegate should obtain knowledge about the current regulations surrounding work using an open flame, basic fire theory, and risk associated with the task. This course covers the demands set for the practical part of the training.

Course ContentsUpon completion of the training, the delegate should master basic skills in extinguishing small fires that can occur during the use of an open flame by:

  • Gaining knowledge of different methods of extinguishing fires, and the necessary equipment,.
  • Equipment used for extinguishing.

  • Gaining knowledge of routines and behaviour during a fire.
  • Practical training.

  • Methods of extuinguishing fires.

PrerequisitesThis practical module must be completed in the past 24 months, or at least three months after the delegate has passed the theory module.


Language course
2 hours
Approved by
Norwegian Oil and Gass Association