Crisis Management – Basic Course

Crisis Management - Basic Course

All personnel who are part of the organisation's emergency management offshore and onshore, including key personnel.

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Crisis Management - Basic Course (OER109)

Target GroupAll personnel who are part of the organisation’s emergency management offshore and onshore, including key personnel such as:

  • On-scene commanders.
  • Control room operators.
  • Officers on standby vessels.

  • Medical officers.
  • Radio operators.

ObjectiveAfter completing the course, the participants should be able to take part in their own organisation’s emergency management, and be familiar with emergency preparedness in the petroleum industry. The course will provide the participants with knowledge and skills in leading and organising tactical operations from emergency response centre, and in collaboration with third parties/ authorities in emergency response situations.

Course ContentsLectures and simulation/practical exercises and drills within:

  • Emergency response organisation, emergency response plans and Resources.
  • Supervision of Safety Regulations.
  • Human reactions to crisis.
  • The Norwegian rescue services.
  • Cooperation between the onshore and offshore organisations and third parties.

  • Risk assessement and emergency response analysis.
  • Leadership and decision-making processes.
  • The role of the authorities.
  • Cooperation between the accident site and emergency response centre.
  • Training in communication and decision-making.

PrerequisitesBasic Safety Training.
In addition it is an advantage if each paticipant is familiar with the structure in their own organisation’s emergency management plan and the relevant evacuation equipment.

ExaminationNo exam. The course can also be adapted to internal company requirements.

Language course
3 days
2 years
Approved by
Norwegian Oil and Gass Association