Coxswain FF48 and FF1000D Basic

Coxswain FF48 and FF1000D Basic

Personnel mustering as coxswains on FF48.1, FF48.2, FF48.3 and FF1000.

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RelyOn Nutec
NOK 38 924,-
September 2024
November 2024
Coxswain FF48 and FF1000D Basic (OSE1164)

Target GroupPersonnel mustering as coxswains on FF 48.1, FF 48.2, FF 48.3 and FF 1000.

ObjectiveThe course aims to give delegates’ competence and knowledge on:

  • The emergency response organisation, chain of command and crisis reactions.
  • Mustering, readying and evacuation.

  • Basic introduction to the lifeboat.
  • Alternative means of evacuation.

Course ContentsDuring the course, the following topics will be covered:

  • Describe the organisation of emergency response on the offshore installation, as well as the purpose of this.
  • Organise and lead mustering and embarkment.
  • Launch the lifeboat off the platform, and drive into the safe zone.
  • Handle emergency systems and equipment adapted to different conditions onboard.
  • Launch with propeller and gear activated (DPG).

  • Readying the lifeboat for evacuation.
  • Communicate via radio, internally in the boat and with emergency control.
  • Manouver/drive lifeboat, and facilitate a longer stay onboard.
  • Describe launching and safe evacuation by the use of alternative means of evacuation; life raft and escape chute.

PrerequisitesBasic Safety Training.

ExaminationWritten and practical examination according to the guidelines from Norwegian Oil and Gas. A certificate is issued when the delegates pass their exams.

Language course
4 days
Approved by
Norwegian Oil and Gass Association