STCW Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) 32 h

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September 2021
November 2021
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General information about STCW Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) 32 h (MSE100)

Target GroupMaritime personnel manning fast rescue crafts, and who has to fulfill IMO-STCW convention A-VI/2-2.
Approved by STCW-78 With later amendments (Manila 2010).

ObjectiveTrain and qualify personnel manning a fast rescue craft.

Course ContentsDuring the course, the following topics are covered:

  • Controlling and preparing rescue craft and equipment.
  • Cooperation and communication.
  • Manouvering, search and search patterns.
  • Familiarisation with equipment and training in use of available rescue gear.
  • Communications with helicopter through radio equipment and signals.
  • Life saving first aid.
  • Training in communication – VHF/UHG communications with integrated units.

  • Application of the rescue craft.
  • Deployment and raising the rescue craft.
  • Coordinated rescue operations ship, platforms and other involved parties.
  • Pick up with Fast Rescue Craft.
  • Training in the use of surface swimming equipment.
  • Transfer techniques to vessels and fixed/floating installations.

PrerequisitesDelegates need to possess prior knowledge as coxswain/fast rescue craft.
We recommend delegates to have a VHF certificate.

ExaminationWritten and practical exam.

4 days
Approved by
Norwegian Maritime Authority