STCW Retraining for seafarers 16 hrs – E-learning (Norwegian)

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STCW Retraining for seafarers 16 hrs - E-learning (Norwegian) (MBSBLE027)

Target GroupCrew that needs to repeat the basic training every 5 years.

ObjectiveUpdate the delegate’s understanding and skills to ensure their own and others’ safety in a crisis situation and contribute to safe behaviour.
Upon completion of the course, participants must have maintained and updated their knowledge and skills for:

  • Fire fighting.

  • Sea rescue.

  • First aid.

Course ContentsContent according to the tables of the STCW Convention:

  • A-VI / 1-1.

  • A-VI / 1-2.

  • A-VI / 1-3.

  • A-VI / 1-4.

Approval: STCW-78 with addition Manila 2010.

PrerequisitesA valid certificate for completed basic safety courses (issued in accordance with STCW-1978- Convention Rule VI/I with accompanying tables) or previously completed basic safety courses for seafarers. If the certificate has expired, a 12-month sailing period must be documented with a valid skill certificate or course. The sailing time is calculated 5 years back from the start date of the new course.

ExaminationThere is a written exam that requires 75% correct answers.

Language course
1 day + online
5 years
Approved by
Norwegian Maritime Authority